Was it good for you? - When is too soon to say no.

What happens when what you want in bed, isn’t what you get?

Remember Leah? The business woman to rival all men. The power force behind the most crazy and extravagant ideas. Well she went celibate. For a very short period. Then her need for a fix lead to dating, Mother Theresa style. Fur coat and locked knickers. Well finally, finally the man she’s been dating made it into private parking. He made it in, got taken for a road test and left her defunked.

Imagine. Weeks of waiting. Of pent up lust and sexual frustration, made greater by well behaved sleepovers with gentle, tantalizing massages, and neck nuzzling, ear nibbling morning wake ups. All that anticipation, all those expectations – all this on her part – and what did she get when she finally handed him the gate key? Grade A Spanish porn with a D rate actor.

She lay there, waxed bikini against his bushy groin, eyes averted to the ceiling as he licked her face wondering maddeningly why she ever expected better. What was it he did, after stroking her seductively, kisses as light as a feather to transition into a face licking, sack humping, Neanderthal?

But that wasn’t the best bit. Oh, no, that was still to come. And come it did, in repeated, husky whispers wet in her ear as he asked her over and over annnnnd over again, ‘Is it good for you baby, do you like that?’

Is it good for me? Is he bloody kidding? Since when does being licked by a dog feel good? She could feel her face contort and reeled it in. He was having much too much fun washing her face to notice but hell, sex wasn’t meant to be a test for survival. It was meant to feel good and no, this wasn’t feeling good. Nothing felt good. His hands had lost their nimble touch. His mouth had gone from light to sloppy and between her legs was the conformation he’d been watching cheap porn on the internet. Could he not have at least purchased the good stuff? Didn’t his friends have recommendations? God, there should be a law against bad sexual influence.

‘Is it good?’

Her mind was screaming NO!!!!! She closed her eyes and watched herself say it. Not politely, or softly but matter of fact, you asked, I answered style. Then she’d slip gracefully from beneath him, drape her satin gown over her dignity and go wash his morning breath spit off her face. God I hope there’s positive enzymes in there.

But what did she do? She smiled sweetly and kissed him, anything to keep his tongue off her face. And when it was all over, and she could finally relax, she nodded like the lady she is and silently prayed for improvement. After all, it was only the first time.

So why is, ‘was it good for you?’ not a great thing to ask early on in a relationship? Because you may not like the honest answer and the chances are, you won’t be getting it. Truths, real truths, come out much longer down the line.

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