Ummmm... did anyone ever notice the double standard?

I don’t know if it’s that Northern Ireland is a very small pool or that my friends keep fishing in the polluted end of it but it seems that women no longer hold the bunny boiling crown. Nope boys, you’ve fought hard and it is officially yours. Thing is, when boys claim the crown, they’re never quite tarred with the same brush.

So here’s the double standard.

A girl gets herself a little emotional, maybe it’s hormones, maybe it’s nothing more than her man being an ass, so what does she do? To give herself a break she blanks him. Turns the phone off, jumps into the bath with a glass of wine and a good book and forgets all the hell about him. Men class this as huffing. High maintenance. This girl takes effort. Reverse the situation. A guy is narked with his woman, maybe he has a lot on, maybe he’s just darn right pissed with her so he blanks her. He ignores her messages. Refuses to call her back and instead switches on Netflix and chills with a beer. Do you hear rumors circulating amongst the friend circle that he’s a bit hard work, a tad on the sensitive side? No you do not. If anything he’ll be getting a pat on the back for showing his woman her place. Oooooo it’s infuriating.

Then you have mistrust. This is a biggy. We all know the stories of women searching through men’s pockets and sniffing their collars. That’s level one. These are the actions of a woman with a niggling feeling in her gut and once you give into it, you’re swallowed up by the black hole. Next comes the phone check, the email search, the cyber stalking. Now she’s officially crazy. I’ve witnessed it from afar and there is no going back, no sir, at this point you are gone. When your man finds out, because believe you me, he will find out, you’re going to look as fruity as a fruit bat and what’s worse, you’re going to feel it, especially when every man from here to the waters edge will be backing away from you at a distance. That kind of crazy is a from of leprosy. But when a man does it….. It starts differently with men, first they’re uncomfortable with male friends, then it’s the old boyfriends you have in your phone, next they’re wanting to know who you talk to on facebook. It gets to the point he wants to check the sheets before you change the bed, search your phone bill to confirm all numbers. This is madness. Absolute and total insanity. But he’s a man, with stable hormones (maybe not mentality, but hormones), a top end bloke (with a bee in his bonnet that morphed into a hornet). So you leave him. Do women think he’s a man to be avoided, do they hear these stories and turn away in fear of being his next victim. No. No they do not because the chances are you did something to make him suspicious. To drive him to it. No man acts like that without cause? YEAH RIGHT!

It’s the double standards of the crazy label. Women get it and boys somehow avoid it. Even when often, they deserve it most.

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