Nip. Tuck. Who do we do it for?

This is the plastic surgery generation. We all know someone who has either done it or is going to do it.

In our parents day it was whispered about behind cupped hands. Hushed voices chatted about it behind closed doors and if ever anyone did have something done, they wouldn’t dare say and no-one would dare ask.

Somewhere along the way, things were blown wide open. First celebs did it. Then the wealthy did it. Next the pretentious were doing it. Now your neighbors at it. And why not? Everything is obtainable – the perfect nose, bigger boobs, a tighter, flatter stomach, a bigger, harder ass and those are just the major surgeries. The ones you really need to consider. Now step back and look at all the minor alterations, hell, they’re as easy come, easy go as a trip to the hairdresser. You can get your lips filled after your afternoon coffee. Fit in eyebrow tattooing around a shopping spree. And botox – throw a party for it. We transform ourselves as quickly and readily as they modify Barbie and I’m all for it, but who are we women doing it for? And don’t go kidding yourselves ladies when you answer that question. Listen to that little voice inside your head, not the you voice - the one that speaks up first. Is it men, women or ourselves?

You want bigger boobs. Get them done. I’m sure your man will love them but wake up on Christmas day to his big cheesy grin as he hands you an appointment card with a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation AND YOU DIDN’T MENTION WANTING IT well that’s a problem right there. Men are allowed to agree, maybe even sway you toward it if you falter but suggesting it, suggesting it is a no no. That’s like opening their mouths and saying – hey baby, love you ass, you’ve got a great body but since the kids your bobs have lost it, fancy perking them up a bit. No! No woman on this planet wants to hear that. And even if you mention it yourself, you’d be disappointed if he jumped in, open mouthed, tongue hanging out nodding at you mutely. That’s almost as bad. Perhaps even slap worthy and not just to bring him around to consciousness again. What you really want to hear, what will make you feel like you truly are doing this for yourself is him saying – yes, ok, if that’s what you want but I love you either way. Then and only then can you feel happy about it.

I’m not saying all surgeries are for men, they aren’t. True happiness starts at home and if you’re happy looking in the mirror then you’re going to bring that joy outside with you. It’ll bounce around like putty, off men, women, even reflective surfaces. If that nip or tuck puts the bounce back in your step, then thank goodness for surgeons. But if looking in a magazine makes what you see in the mirror seem underrated, then look again and look harder because you’re missing something. Often the imperfections are what make us more beautiful.

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