Maintenance - I’m hearing this word a lot recently

What is it about a woman that makes her high maintenance?

Izzy just came out of an on/off long-term relationship. He was successful in a hard working way, wealthy to the degree that second and third homes were on the cards and he delivered perfectly between the sheets. Why is this relevant you’re thinking? Because the main reason she ended things was that his maintenance slipped. He had gone from lavishing her in gifts to arriving over, slumping onto the sofa and waiting patiently for his beer to be handed to him. He wanted all that the trophy girlfriend delivered, without having to keep up his end of the bargain. He wanted her arriving at his front door in nothing more than a mac and something Victoria’s Secret. He got it. He wanted her vacuum packed into a bondage dress for functions, big bright smile, flirty eyes averted while they walked the room. He got it. He wanted perfect nails and shaven legs. Flawless tan and glowing cheeks. He wanted all the glitz of a trophy without remembering to polish it.

Izzy is what I would bracket as physically high maintenance . She sparkles and shines when she walks in the room, heavily laced in perfume that drifts from her movements, enticing everyone to look, daring them to lean a little closer. When you see one of these ladies, you know exactly what you’re getting. She’s likes nice things. Good things. And she expects to get them. She wants her hair done. Her nails done. Her lip line if she feels the urge. She likes to shop when he travels and expects gifts on his return. She isn’t needy or clingy but a last minute phone call as he’s killing dead time on the drive home, just won’t cut it. He needs to display consideration and affection if he wants it in return. She is a trophy and expects to be regarded as one.

Then you have the secondary bracket of maintenance – emotional. These women are a law unto themselves. They can be sensitive and unpredictable. Elusive and flighty. They are simply darn right exhausting. Keeping up with their needs is like being hit by a freight train in the middle of the night – over and over and over again because there is no pattern, no logic, no working them out. They expect telepathy. They can be needy and clingy and desperate. They want text messages every few hours, phone calls if they don’t see you, face time if you’re away. There is no middle ground. All is well or all is over.

If you ask me, the worst of insults, is to be called high maintenance – that puts you into one or both of these brackets. The sort of girl that has men puckering their lips to expel air while they glance away in distress. Everyone knows one, or knows someone married to one and they do not envy it.

But to expect no maintenance, is never going to happen. We are women. We have emotions, hold opinions and are more than just sex toys. We can be fussy without being fuss pots. We can be determined, without being awkward. We all want love and understanding. Gifts and consideration. This, I think is okay. This, I think is normal – so long as above it all – we want our man more. And our man wants us enough to understand that being with a woman is something close to cherishing that last bite of chocolate; the greatness of the moment, far outweighs the bad.

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