Lifestyle vs Time - Can you ever have it all?

In a world fueled by social media and ever growing expectations, where is the line between lifestyle and time? Can we really ever have it all?

We are living in a fast paced world, with a faster paced life in a telescopic existence. Something has happened between the last generation and this one, something that makes people want more, and care less and I’m not so sure it’s such a good thing. Not for us as people and certainly not for our relationships.

People used to go about their daily lives without a thought to what other people would think. Without the slightest consideration of how well their lives looked on camera or how many hash tags it took to get noticed. People simply existed. Relationships flourished without being a status on a facebook page. They were about two people, doing their own thing, in their own time, caught in their own bubble. But things have changed. Because people want to be the hottest couple, doing the coolest thing, in the funkiest place. They want to look in love, more than be in it. They want to appear joyously happy, rather than experience it. And this gets me to my point, so, so many people are now pushing all the boundaries, mentally and financially, just to keep up.

It’s a consumer driven world, with a consumer mind set. So what happens? You’re boyfriend works two jobs and you hardly get to see him. Your husband drags himself home from the office after the kids are bathed and in bed because damn it, he’s due that promotion and he will be getting it. And you, maybe you sit online networking until the moon is riding high and your eyelids are closing before your laptop. Or you get the kids to bed, then cram in a little extra work.

But why?

I would rather have my man, than that extra car. Rather crawl into bed with someone wanting to snuggle and chat, than someone hugging an ipad. I don’t want flashy jewelry, where every diamond is two weeks of missed time. Or exclusive holidays, where he needs to keep check on his phone by the pool incase he misses that urgent phone call. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anything more than time and memories. No amount of clothes or shoes (as much as I love them), cars or houses, no amount of anything superficial can replace two people in a moment, just being there. No phones. No computers. No distractions, apart from each other. I would rather have less of everything but get more of simply, living.

This is what we forget, that the previous generations didn’t.

Life has become a showpiece. An online circus for both lovers and haters. Too much time is spent wondering how things look, to really see what it is we’re looking at, or why the hell we’re even doing it.

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