Is the way to a man's heart truly his stomach, or does it lie deeper in his trousers?

It’s the age old question that we never give up asking…. what really is the key to a man’s heart and once you find it, how do you lock it again on the inside?

Women have been pondering this since Eve gave Adam that darn apple that had them kicked out of Eden. If you ask your grandmother, she’d tell you it’s his stomach. I’m putting this down to the war, can you imagine trying to knock together a show stopper dinner on those rations. Any woman who pulled that off was going to be snapped up quick smart and treated accordingly. We laugh at it now but back when spices were an indulgence of travel and a week’s meat looked like a child’s helping, being a whiz in the kitchen made you irresistible. Even if you didn’t get along, he at least knew he’d eat well. Ask your mother the same question and my guess is she’ll be sitting on middle ground. Somewhere between stomach and knee, or there abouts. As the sixties generation of free love and partner swapping, they learnt a thing or two that we’re still learning now. They were the ones to break all the rules and they left the doors swinging wide open for us when they passed through.

Since then, things have come a long way.

Sex is now as easy come, easy go as convenience meals in the super market. Tinder is the sex app everyone’s talking about. Quick scroll, a few hmmms and haaa’s, thirty minutes later the partner of choice is ringing the door bell – desert is served. So in a world where sex is so readily available, perhaps the unobtainable are the greatest find. We don’t all want the run of the mill Jimmy Choo’s, we’re striving for a pair of the limited edition. The one’s no-one else has. The ultimate covet. Perhaps the Jack pot is no longer tapping that ass, it’s not tapping it.

My friend Izzy is fantastic at this. She is the Lamborghini of chastity. It is hard work getting her, all focus on the target, they think they’re trying hard but then they must try harder. Only the purest of hands get to caress her, the most driven and devoted of minds. She is a catch and she sells herself as one. How exactly does she do this? She makes them wait. And wait they do. Her self worth is so high that she believes she is worth fighting for, which of course she is, we all are. She holds the room with an air of elusive sexiness. A teasing taste of what’s to come and in return, men strive to procure her, those who don’t, well they simply weren’t worth having around anyway. Those who do are never disappointed. She doesn’t do this as a sport, she does it because she’s not willing to sell herself short in an era where sex is so readily available that it’s losing it’s emotional significance. That when two people actually connect, not just heart racing, palm sweating attraction, but mind locking, thought provoking conversation, that then teasing the sexy side out is so much more fun. Things move slowly at a high rate of anticipation. The want gets so great that there is no room for disappointment on either side because by the time she loosens the satin gripping her hips, he’s already fallen hook line and sinker for her charm. And she, to let him get this far, has fallen for his. It’s a win win.

So in answer to the question, the key to a mans heart is no more in his trousers than it is in ours, it’s more the manner of which you get into them. After all, nothing good comes easy.

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