Is any woman ever 100% straight?

This is not something I had ever considered. I imagine this is not something most women ever consider, not too seriously at least.

The idea was presented to me as I was enjoying a rather fabulous dinner at a male friends house. There we all are, tucking into our curry when one of them announces that he had recently read research saying that no woman is ever 100% straight. Questioning eyes hovered on myself and the other rather gorgeous lady at dinner – let’s call her Jane for the blogs sake. Did we agree, did we not? Needless to say the couple hosting were both gay and extremely open minded. They knew the answer already. We ladies knew the answer already.

Of course no woman is ever 100% straight. Have you seen the women in the world?! Come on.

This is not news and it is in no way shocking. In fact, Jane and her friends had already divulged which female stars they would all like to get a little up close and personal with. I could picture it already, them all lounging around someone’s dressing room in pants and vests, one stripping in and out of sparkling dresses, champagne being topped up as they chatted and nibbled on strawberries. Sadly boys, it doesn’t quite work like this. That’s the fantasy. But I was impressed it had been discussed. Then I recalled a few of the wayward chats I myself had had with my friends covering much the same topic. If you had to, whom would you choose? Rihanna? Pink? Scarlet Johansson? The names that popped up were both surprising and telling.

Being a woman is a magical thing. What is it we are referred to as, oh yes – the fairer sex – that is not a mistake. We can have luscious hair and silky soft skin. Big boobs or small boobs. We can be thin and tight or curvy and voluptuous. Take your pick. The choice is endless. Women like other women and is it any wonder? They admire them and idolize them in a way they never would a man. In a way that men would understand. Women are curious creatures; they can ooze sex appeal in such potency that it is not only alluring to men but also their own sex. A hot woman walks into a room and it’s not only men that gasp in desire, but the ladies too. A perfect example of this is Gillian Anderson in The fall....hell, women were watching that as much to see Gillian as to see Jamie and that's saying something. It's not necessarily because they want to bed these ladies but because they want to be them, for that short second, to own that beauty and writhe around in it. The line between admiration and desire is extremely thin, like that of love and hate, there cannot be one without a touch of the other. Wouldn’t you agree ladies?

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