Golden Wife - human fly trap

Women are a contradiction. Not some women. All women. We are the black hole in human understanding. We are the chameleons of the urban jungle.

But there are levels, and the range is vast.

The most common and frequently abused trait being, ‘Golden Wife.’

To understand this we must go right back to the beginning, that very first email or message, leading all the way to the first date. In dating, men and women both start with a full hand. It’s an even playing field of good behavior and shining qualities. No one goes on a first date, cracks open a bottle of wine, leans suggestively over the menus and says ‘right lady, I’m just showing my hand. You’ve got liar, compulsive horder and alarmingly moody.’

No sir, that does not happen.

Nor does she lean in, hot fruity breath drifting from her mouth like perfume and say, ‘okay sweets, here’s the deal, you handle my compulsion to run up debt, along with my insecurity that you’re cheating and I’ll dismiss your moods and hording, countering with extreme pms.’

Nuh-uh. If only things were that simple.

True traits and personality quirks take time to be uncovered; just how much time depends on whom you’re dealing with.

This is a play off, Golden Balls verses Golden Wife. And golden wife tends to win. Here’s where the levels come in. Where you separate the standard good behavior early on, from the real players. The first are safe enough, these ladies are doing the same as the boys, they’re playing nice because they feel nice and if things move on, any quirks and moods will naturally show up along the way. For real players, true ‘Golden Wives’ the game is very, very different. They have a goal in mind and are determined to reach it, be it a few months of wining and dining or a husband before their fortieth, they have there sights set and come hell or high water, they are not loosing out.

How do they play? Very, very smartly.

They remain calm, when inside they’re seething. (The normal girl, the one I mentioned earlier might storm off, slamming the door in your face.) They keep their mouths shut and smiling while in their minds they’re screaming at you with aeroplane force. (The normal; she snaps, maybe shouts an incy bit and probably cries.) They let things go, that infuriate them. They agree to things they dislike to seem ideal for you. They stay unrealistically maintained and strangely easy going.

Why? Why do they do all this?

Because Golden Wife is so ideal that any man would be crazy not to fall for her. Any man would be wild to be dissatisfied. But does it last?

Hell no.

Some girls start to slack after the first few months. Others wait for the ‘I love you’s’ and some get as far as moving in. Then the golden mask falls and the guy wakes up one day thinking, ‘who the hell is this woman?’

Because I want a real man, with a real relationship, who really understands me, I go with the normal approach. But for those who are in it for a purpose… boys better watch out. You’re like a fly to the trap.

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