Cougar town Ireland

How is it that at thirty-two Leah became a cougar?

Simple. When a nineteen year old sidled up to her at the bar, all fresh faced and long limbed, she could already see the things she wanted him to do to her in her head. His soft, yet unhardened hands wrapped around her thighs, his lips (so unkissed it made her woozy) working their way around her and that pretty boy smile. No wonder it made young girls hearts melt – just look at what it was doing to her underwear. He bought her a drink in the way a boy does, so unpolished, nervy, then licked his lips a little as he spoke to her. Eyeing her like a commodity. Making her feel hot in places she forgot she had because older men just don’t look at women that way anymore, they’ve seen too many and heard too much. The illusion is tarnished. But for the young….oh for the young it is all a great mystery, an adventure they’re desperate to take.

There was a fleeting moment of conscience brought on, not by the idea of his boyhood, but the knowledge that his mother was only five years older than she is. That she was old enough to be her friend. To share the same childhood music. To have gone to the same hang outs. That she could have been in the same school, just a few years behind. Then his hand touched her knee at just the right moment, and he leant in and said ‘I want you to take me to your place and teach me exactly what you like.’ That was it, the words still hot and dripping from his lips slipped into her pants like a tongue and what did she do? She stripped back the links to anything other than sex and had some fun with it. How is this not just a sex buddy – he hasn’t quite hit his twenties.

Leah is something else. A life liver. A thrill seeker. An, I’ve got it good and I want it better. She’s young (relatively speaking), successful, can take men or leave them and approaches relationships with a ‘needs must’ approach – I don’t need you, I must want you. The want bit doesn’t kick in too often. Why would it? Her expectations are high. This girl gets laid by her regular and is very very fussy about the rest. Yet over night she’s upgraded to cougar and couldn’t recommend it enough.

‘Being a sexual tutor does something to a woman,’ she said, with a laugh much dirtier than usual. ‘For once, you’re the one with all the power. And I’m not talking kink here. This is back to basics, sexual power.’

I leant back, sipped my espresso martini and listened closely.

‘You ever been with a guy who hasn’t been taught by the woman before you? And I don’t mean your teenage boyfriend. I mean since you knew all the shit.’

I shook my head wondering why on earth I’d want to. She soon told me.

‘Everything you do amazes them. Every move you make, every position you pull. All of it is magic. I am amazing in bed. I can do nothing but please. And the best bit, do you know the best bit?’

I could guess.

‘He listens and learns. He’s like training a pup. You know, always wanting to please. I have this boy giving me what I want on tap. No drama. Just sex.’

But my guess was right. Pups love their masters and young boys are very, very impressionable. By the end of the following week he was asking her to dinner instead of the bedroom and for Leah, the sheen on her new toy slowly began to fade.

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