Are women the crazy creatures some men think we are?

Everyone knows someone that goes too far. It’s nothing new, when it comes to securing her man, some women will stop at nothing but recently I’ve been made to ask myself, are women losing all self-control? Is will power a thing of the past?

In the world we’re living in, anything is accessible. Anonymity, forget it. Skeletons in the cupboard – sheesh, are you kidding? Once there was stalking. Now there is cyber stalking. You meet someone, what’s the first thing you do – Google them? Next in line and running for first, is the FB search. The chances of you friending them at this point are slim to none, this is nothing more than a little research, cyber footprints blowing in the shadowy breeze. Bingo, there they are. Your toe has just broached the line in the sand; this is the moment you need will power to kick in. Slam the lid of that laptop and walk away women – DO IT!!!

Did you do it?

Or did you just keep on going. You check out the mutual friends, hunt down his family. The picture is building. That’s why you’re doing this after all just to get a sense for him. Right? At this point you could still walk away but uh oh, it’s the search for the ex – and the bunny has just been dropped into the pot.

But it gets worse. Oh it gets a whole lot worse. The boundaries of sanity remain the same but the suction toward insanity has quadrupled. Asking a woman with insecurities not to check up on her man (current or otherwise) is like placing a galaxy bar on the counter and telling her not to eat it. We all know that’s never going to happen, she’ll have the wrapper ripped off and the chocolate melting in her mouth before she registers what’s happening. We could say this is just a chocolate thing but for some women, it’s not. The same happens with fake accounts, whoops, there it is, oh what’s the harm, anything for a little peace of mind. Fake profiles to see if he’ll take the bait. Some women go as far as to initiate affairs with their own partners. What on earth is social media doing to us? What ever happened to girl meets boy, girl kisses boy, girl loves boy, girl trusts boy – they threw in two mobile phones, Facebook and Whats App. It appears as though relationships are no longer these cozy little insular things. They’ve become something to be monitored and tested. Is it that replacements are so readily available, at the touch of a button, that not just women, but men also feel less secure? But when do we stop thinking that there may be someone better out there, someone that fits that little bit more. When do we step back and realize that for all the changes in the technological world, for all the advancements that keep us bombarded on a daily basis, that relationships are still the basics of one man and one woman thinking, yes, I like you. I may even be falling in love with you and if you’ve already hit the love bit, it’s about thinking, do you know what, the chances of there being another person out there who makes me laugh when I should cry or knows just the right thing I need at just the right moment, are slim.

Bottom line – where does all the crazy get anyone? I’m hopefully never going to find out, but wherever it is, I’m sure it’s lonely

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