Are we emasculating our men....have the feminists ruined it for us all?

Men get it tough. I’m going to admit that straight up. Men in the western world, get it tough. Why? Because women are machines. We are capable of everything and then some. We can work hard, play hard and spin out children in the process. So how does this affect our men? Well quite frankly, we expect the same, and more. I don’t know about you, but me and my girlfriend’s seem to talk about this a lot. We want our men to be capable of picking up where we leave off. We want them to cook the dinner if we’re running late. Bath the children if we’re going out. Load the machine and hang the washing because they know it needs done. But it’s not quite as easy as all that.

It is very difficult for modern men to walk the line between domesticated and manly. Yes, we want them to pour us a glass of wine when we look tired and notice that the toilet needs cleaned, but we also need them to change a fuse, hang a shelf, mow the lawn and take us to bed like he owns us.

With women so capable of keeping all the plates spinning, it seems very hard for men to find a place of relevance in the female world today. This is the line. Where men become indisposible because in actual fact, their multi tasking can and will out weigh ours if put to the test. Any man that can change a flat tyre, cook the lunch and change the bedclothes in one afternoon is coming out gleaming in any woman’s books. But there is a glitch in this system. I believe there is one thing that creates the balance. One thing that stops a man being emasculated by me and keeps him more man than Martha, and no, it’s not how hard he slams me up against the bedroom wall. It’s much, much simpler than that. If he can put me in my place every now and then and make me back down about certain things, then he is ultimately man enough for me. He could cook like Nigela, clean like he was born in marigolds and think of my feelings as much as he likes, but if I don’t respect his word as being the last say when it matters, or trust him to know what’s best when I’m struggling, then all the loveliness in the world wouldn’t make me happy. Why is this? Because for me, it all comes down to respect. Simple as that.

So are we emasculating our men? Are we power seeking females dominating the world to the point of obliterating men altogether? Are we trading heels for brogues and skirts for trousers in order to turn the tables on the male world? Think about this for a second……. I honestly don’t think we would like it too much if we succeeded. Bottom line is, no matter how hard we women push, we ultimately want men, to remain men.

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